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"Why?" - Eine Schülerinnen-Rede

JoelinaIm Englisch-Leistungskurs 12 E 1 von Anna Cholewa wurde das Thema "American Dream" behandelt, wobei sich die Schülerinnen und Schüler auch mit diversen Reden verschiedener US-Präsidenten auseinandersetzten. Zum Abschluss der Sequenz ließ Frau Cholewa die Jugendlichen eine eigene Rede zu einem Thema ihrer Wahl schreiben. "Einzige Bedingung war: Sie sollten selbst für das Thema brennen und es sollte sie persönlich stark bewegen", erklärt Anna Cholewa.

Eine sehr gute Schülerinnen-Rede soll hier nachfolgend veröffentlicht werden. Die Autorin ist Joelina Schlabbach.

"Joelina hat für ihre Rede ein Thema gewählt, das tatsächlich alle im Kurs angeprochen und bewegt hat. Mit ihrem leidenschaftlichen und authentischen Vortrag hat sie alle Anwesenden begeistert", lobt die Englischlehrerin.

Auch ich gratuliere Joelina an dieser Stelle zu ihrer Leistung und wünsche Ihnen und Euch viel Spaß beim Lesen:

"Imagine, one day, you will walk along the street. Everybody around you will mind their own business. You can be whoever you want. The others simply do not care. Wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't that be the society we all dream of living in in the future?

Well, as far as I can tell now, that's clearly not the case today. Everytime I walk down the street, people look at me because of the way I dress or what kind of makeup I'm wearing. One time, some men even had the audacity to catcall me, and sometimes I feel other girls are looking at me as if I was a disgrace to their kind. I HATE IT!

Why do people behave like that? Why is everyone so judgemental? Why?

Maybe because it is easier to stop thinking. Maybe because it is easier to sort people into different drawers just by looking at them, and to ignore the fact that humans could use the brain God gave them. That's not how we should treat each other! In society, we should not judge each other based on our sexes, we should not judge each other based on our looks, sexualities, skin colours, grades, styles, hobbies and whatever else comes to your mind. Judging is so horribly unnecessary!

It is like looking at a sheet of paper with some text on it and saying: "No, I can't stand it“, even though you haven't even read the text. It could be the greatest poem you will ever read, and you would never know because you refused to read the text. Maybe because it is too long or too short, or you don't like the font. It's the same with people: You will never get to know somebody if you immediately avoid them just because they look different from what you know and what you like.

Because of that, I will never understand the men who say that women are weak, I will never understand why people think there are only two sexes, and I will never understand what's wrong with having a different sexuality than the mainstream because my parents have always tried to raise me as a tolerant and open-minded human being. It is always important to pay people the same respect you expect from them.

So stop judging the piece of paper you've never read!

What's on people's minds? Sometimes they don't even have a particular reason why they dislike someone or something, often they can't even explain their point of view reasonably because they don't have any arguments for it. BUT of course, they always feel right about what they are assuming. And the lack of critical self-reflexion is one of the biggest dangers to and in our society.

So, no matter what we say to them, there will still be people who think that women are worthless, who think being a homosexual is a crime or an illness and who think a female showing skin is a distraction for the boys. Why does that even bother people?

It is not your business if I wear a top to school revealing my shoulders, it is not your business if I wear makeup and it is not your business who I am in love with. 

The question of "why?" will probably never be answered to me as well as the question of why we are not capable of living with each other peacefully. Maybe it's because people simply are not able to accept new things, maybe because we all do not take enough time to get to know each other, or maybe because it is just the easiest way. I don't know…

But in my opinion, our generation is more diverse than any other has been. I mean, look around you, everyone of us has their unique style and story, we can show who we are. We are aware of the shortcomings of our society, and because of that, we can show the initiative to change problems like homophobia, racism, and other social inequalities. We can show that those stupid stereotypes are not true and how we could benefit from a society where everyone accepts anyone else, and where being true to oneself is not only accepted - but encouraged.

We must start working on our mindset, and we must start now because otherwise, things will never change.

I still have the dream that one day, I will not have to wonder "why" anymore and our society will be tolerant, accepting and able to critically self-reflect. Thank you." 

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